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King Street Center Solar

This past year DC Energy partnered with the King Street Center to install a solar array on the roof of their newly renovated building in downtown Burlington. The new renovations were designed to maximize efficient use of the small lot where the building is located and to provide maximum energy efficiency.

As part of the renovations included a rooftop sports/play area, there was limited area remaining for a solar array. To provide a system with some capacity, solar panels needed to be located where they would not receive ideal sunlight, especially in the winter when the sun is low in the sky. The system was designed using an optimizing system where each solar panel can perform at its best. This helped mitigate the impacts of system shading.

DC Energy also designed a means of electrical connection for the solar array so that the King Street Center could get maximum economic benefit from their solar array.

We are happy to help such a great organization go solar and reduce their electric costs - leaving more funds for their real purpose - supporting our children!



Community Solar

We just completed a community solar project for three households in Westford. 


Keep Net Metering Going

A few of the smaller utilities in Vermont have reached their 4% net metering cap. This means they are no longer required to offer the economic benefit to customers who install solar arrays as was intended by the legislature.


Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) The Future of Solar?

Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems collect the sun's energy as heat. This is used to create steam to run a steam turbine to generate electricity. In addition, systems are being developed that can store the heat or thermal energy so that steam can be made and electricity generated when the sun is not shining.

This is the kind of technology that can be part of the transition to a totally renewable economy. CSP systems are particularly useful in areas with excellent solar resource where it would be great to have the majority of electricity come from solar. In these situations, there is the potential for too much solar power produced during the day to overwhelm the grid and have nowhere to go, while at night there would no solar power available. The CSP systems with storage would solve that problem.

If you are interested in more details about CSP systems, there is a National Renewable Energy Laboratory web page dedicated to this topic. This is the link:   http://energy.gov/eere/videos/energy-101-concentrating-solar-power


Isle La Motte School

This summer we completed a project for the Isle La Motte School Elementary School.